Does HootDex allow for members to use their Ethereum, Bitcoin or Litecoin to swap?

HootDex will be integrating a process that will allow members to one-way swap their Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin coins held in various wallets for PECU  in order to swap SynthCryptos, Crypto Pairs or Project Tokens on HootDex. It will start with Metamask in September 2023 and then more digital wallets will be added to the system over time. This allows members to easily access all projects and derivatives on HootDex using existing primary digital assets on designated layer-1 blockchain systems such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

The integration of an interoperable digital wallet is in development that would hold PECU, ETH, BTC, LTC and others, but that is also a process as security and safety of our members is our number one priority.