I Can’t Connect MetaMask to HootDex

Issues Connecting MetaMask to HootDex

Typically, when you intend to connect MetaMask to HootDex in a desktop browser, a pop-up will appear in MetaMask asking you to confirm the connection.
If nothing happens, the most common reason is because either you have not installed the MetaMask browser extension OR you have more than one browser-based wallet installed and active.
You’ll need to either install the proper MetaMask browser extension or disable other wallets in order for MetaMask to work and connect to HootDex.
To install the browser extension follow the instructions here.
To disable other wallets go to your browser’s extension manager and find the on/off toggle next to the other wallet’s extension.
Once you have either installed the browser extension or disabled other wallets, then try again.
Depending on your browser, managing extensions can work a little differently.  Learn more here


Additionally in some cases you may see the error message “Permissions request already pending please wait”, please try these workarounds, which should help you to reconnect:

  1. Disconnect from HootDex using the method explained here, then return to HootDex and click ‘Connect wallet’. Afterwards, retry connecting to HootDex.
  2. If reconnecting using the above steps doesn’t work, you could also try reinstalling MetaMask and restoring. Please ensure you have your Secret Recovery Phrase and the seed phrases of any imported accounts safely backed up before uninstalling your wallet.