Were do stock, forex, cryptocurrency and commodity pricing come from?

The pricing for any stock, cryptocurrency, forex or  commodity is a composite from major markets, the pricing that is shown on HootDex is exactly that, a composite of various major outlets such as banks and exchanges. That is provided as a courtesy service to HootDex members that may have an interest in real time stock, commodity or forex quotes. A stock, commodity or forex quote on HootDex does not indicate that its a swappable digital asset as it is not. The only tokens swappable on HootDex are SynthCryptos, CryptoPairs and Project Tokens currently, they all have their individual liquidity pools for each token and as such the pricing integrates composite pricing from various major exchanges as well as the supply and demand side of the liquidity pool itself. This provides a unique digital asset that over time would be able to be traded across various decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.