Tokens Delisted from HootDex – Overview

The tokens shown on the delisted area have been delisted from the HootDex Swapping System, all liquidity pools have been terminated for these tokens, any pricing that was available via HootDex has been discontinued and it has been labeled Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware).
HootDex designates certain tokens as “Caveat Emptor” and places a red skull  and crossbones icon  next to the token ticker when there may be reason for investors to exercise additional caution and perform thorough due diligence before making an investment decision in that token. Delisted tokens may still be listed outside of HootDex and still continue to trade. For this reason we are obligated to inform the general public.
The Caveat Emptor Designation may be assigned when a token is delisted from HootDex or HootDex is made aware of one or more of the following:
  • Promotion — The token is the subject of cryptocurrency promotion that may be misleading or manipulative. Promotional activities may include misleading or manipulative news releases, spam email and messaging, social media promotion and newsletters, whether they are published or distributed by the token issuer or a third party.
  • Investigation of Fraud or Other Criminal Activities — There is an investigation or other indication of fraudulent or other criminal activity involving the company or its tokens.
  • Suspension/Halt/Delisting — A regulatory authority or HootDex has delisted, halted or suspended trading for public interest concerns (i.e. not a news or earnings halt).
  • Lack of Public Disclosure — HootDex has determined that there is a lack of disclosure, inadequate disclosure or financial information of the token issuer publicly available. There may be material information that is required and not supplied by the token issuer.
  • No Active Business or Project — HootDex has determined that the token issuer does not have a going concern or active business or project in place. The token issuer may have a concept but no actual business or active project or platform behind it.
  • Lack of Liquidity in Pool — HootDex has determined that there is a lack of liquidity in the liquidity pool and have deemed the token without support. A decentralized swapping system such as HootDex is dependent on liquidity pools to create automated market makers “AMM”, lack of this eliminates AMM and prevents the token from providing pricing.
  • Undisclosed Corporate Actions — The token or company is the subject of a corporate action, such as an issuance of additional tokens, name change or other corporate actions without adequate current information being publicly available.
  • Other Public Interest Concern — HootDex has determined that there is a public interest concern regarding the token. Such concerns may include, but are not limited to, unusual or unexplained trading activity, spam or disruptive corporate actions, even when current information is publicly available.
HootDex may relist, open a liquidity pool and resume swapping of a token if we are able to confirm that the company is eligible to be designated as Current with all information being verified and believe that a public interest concern no longer exists. Investors are encouraged to use caution and due diligence in their investment decisions. There is no obligation for HootDex to reinstate any delisted token, it is at our sole discretion and if we find adequate reason to do so. Please read our risk disclosure page on