FGA Latam Ventures

FGA Latam Ventures DBT – Symbol : FLTMx

FGA Latam Ventures is an actively managed Digital Basket Token “DBT” that focuses on real world asset venture opportunities and tokens that are relevant to the DBT’s investment theme of disruptive innovation. This DBT holds the digital assets in its associated trading account, tracks and displays the real-time trading and pricing of the underlying digital assets shown publicly for transparency and represents fair market pricing for the DBT.
What is a Digital Basket Token “DBT”?
Digital-Basket-Token “DBT” is a type of managed digital asset product that tracks a basket of underlying digital assets which are listed on the HootDex Digital Asset Swapping System. DBTs are traded on HootDex just like other digital assets, with a liquidity pool associated with them and register in real-time on the Pecu Novus Blockchain, which makes them more liquid than a typical digital asset product.
Although they were originally conceived on HootDex, they were created for potential mass adoption across all digital asset exchanges, promoting inclusion as is the core goal of the Pecu Novus Blockchain Network itself.
DBT’s are priced at fair market value of the underlying digital assets in the DBT itself. So a Fair Value Calculation is utilized and the pricing is based on exactly that in real-time, this eliminates any possible pricing manipulation or major disparities from exchange to exchange.
DBT’s offer a number of advantages over other types of digital asset investments, including:
  • Diversification: DBTs allows for portfolio diversification with exposure to a basket of managed digital assets instead of just a single digital asset.
  • Liquidity: DBTs have liquidity pools associated with them and traded on HootDex and will more than likely make their way to other digital asset exchanges, which makes them more liquid than other digital asset vehicles.
  • Transparency: DBTs on HootDex automatically disclose their holdings in real-time to the general public. This makes them more transparent than other types of digital asset vehicles.
  • Cost-effectiveness: DBTs have low transactional fee associate with them as all digital assets do on HootDex and there are no gas fees if swapped on HootDex.
Increased Benefits
The increased benefits and opportunities will arise when centralized cryptocurrency exchanges globally list DBTs on their platforms. Centralized exchanges play a crucial role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem by providing users with a regulated and user-friendly environment to trade digital assets. By listing DBTs, these exchanges can offer their users access to a broader range of trading options and investment opportunities.